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Microsoft to unveil Windows 8, last shot to stay afloat

On Friday, Microsoft will unveil the new Windows 8 platform for PC users.

This will prove to be a sink or swim deal for the computer giant in light of its competitor, Apple, and the success with their Mac and the ever popular iPad, iPod, and newly-released iPhone. Apple in the past has distanced itself from the computer giant with their spunky PC v Mac (Get a Mac 2006-2009) advertisements, which not only showed the better software from Apple, but the appeal to the millennial generation. And somewhere along the line it worked. As we see now Apple’s domination is imminent.

In 2006, Microsoft released the Windows software that they would rather forget, Windows Vista. This version seemed unfinished, clunky, and far from innovative. Their next step was the saving grace that is Windows 7. That version did not exactly save Windows in all, because of course Apple was dominating the market with its phones, music devices and the unveiling of the iPad.

Windows problem lies within their incapability to catch-up to the times. They have always been the monopoly in the market, and now with the huge evolution of information and communication technologies along with the advancements of the world wide web, and the browsers, Microsoft Corp. has to find ways not only to be distinct, but relevant and user-friendly to the tech-savvy and media-hungry millennials.

As Shira Ovide in the Wall Street Journal’s Marketplace section noted, “If Windows 8 […] proves to be a success, it would be a major milestone.”

The person behind overhauling Microsoft’s software platform is secretive software expert, Steven Sinofsky, who has been apart of Microsoft for a number of years and has now climbed the ranks, after Bill Gates departure as CEO 2008.

Stinofsky’s love for software, all things high-tech, and management theory will have to project itself tenfold in Friday’s unveiling. This will be the moment of truth of whether Microsoft can swim and thrive, or continue to plummet and Apple is the victor.


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