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A Chicago winter is approaching, learn to stay warm

By: Rana Khatib (

The weather in the past week or so has been weird in Chicago. The temperature has gone as high as 80 degrees and then suddenly dropping to 40 degrees. Yet, there is one thing for certain–a Chicago winter is quickly approaching.

When I entered UIC as a freshman in the Fall semester, I took the advice of former and current UIC students about the winter as exaggeration. “Wear a lot of layers,” “Looking nice doesn’t matter in the winter,” and “You’re going to be walking from building to building in the cold.” I listened to the advice but it didn’t quite hit me until the snow fell, the temperature dropped below zero, and my classrooms seemed farther to walk to than usual.

If you want to concentrate on your studies and pass your exams without a runny nose, dress warm and don’t worry about too much layering.

UIC does, however, have a few warm places to keep in mind during this season. UH (University Hall) has both a café shop and an upstairs sitting area that’s known to be warm. It’s great to grab a hot drink and the relaxed atmosphere helps to accomplish a few homework assignments. The inner circle is another place to escape the cold; it’s also where the food is located! The pier room, which is right upstairs in SCE, isn’t only temperature friendly in the winter, but it’s also where you and your friends can hang out in between breaks.

Finally, the third floor library is a great place to hide from the cold, not to mention a perfect, quiet space to study. Plus the Daley Library, on the first floor, just switched over to serving legitimate Starbucks-brewed drinks. This is open as late as 7p.m. on Weekdays and opens as early as 7a.m.

UIC also provides a variety of other places where you can buy hot drinks on your way to class or while relaxing during a break. Dunkin’ Donuts is an easy access and close place where you can purchase lattes, hot chocolate, and coffee. Their prices are decent and the drinks are tasty. Also, in SCE is home to the Halsted Street Station, a UIC convenience store. They sell coffee, soup, and variety of on-the-go snacks. Another similar convenience store is housed in BSB (Behavioral Science Building), called the Morgan Street Station. Both are a helpful, quick way to buy what you need in a hurry. The café in UH has an entire menu t

The University isn’t the only place where you can turn winter into a positive experience. One stop via the CTA using your U-pass and you’ve arrived in the beautiful city of Chicago.Ice Skating at McCormick Tribune Ice Rink in Millennium Park

There are various events that take place in Chicago during the winter time that are created for friends and family. These 2012 events include:hat serves a variety of food and drinks that can provide warmth and a place to study.

  1. The Art Institute sets up Thorne Miniature Rooms that include rooms filled with different art p
  2. ieces that portray assorted parts of the world such as Italy, Germany, and South Africa.
  3. The famous ice rink in Millennium Park is beautiful during the winter with its location facing the skyline and the friendly environment for skating at a cheap price.
  4. Along with the awesome animals and Santa’s presence, Lincoln Park Zoo is decorated with over two million light bulbs to create a holiday atmosphere.
  5. And of course for those who love shopping, the city is quote possibly the nicest place to spend that holiday cash. Stores offer coat checks and prizes such as getaways and money.

To find many more attractions and full details, check out TimeOut Chicago’s website!

There are a few tips on how to stay warm this winter especially when trying to concentrate on accomplishing class tasks or maintaining goose bumps during a study group or meeting.

  • Wearing a long sleeve shirt under another shirt helps prevent feeling cold if you don’t like to keep your coat on
  • Keep a sweater handy in case classrooms are cold, which will probably be the case until heaters start working in time for the freezing weather
  • Carrying moisturizer helps prevent dry, irritable skin that can cause discomfort even if you wear gloves
  • And finally, carry a scarf especially when it snows to cover the cold from hitting your chest to prevent a flu

So, although winter may have its negative side, there are a few approaches to take to create the season into a positive one. Make sure to stay warm, stay on the lookout for hot beverages, and to take advantage of the wonderful city and its beautiful holiday attractions!


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  1. Laura Paton says:

    Well-written, good advice for winter in Chicago! Thank you! =)

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