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A Rant About Wind?

By: Minh Tran (

A Rant About Wind?

What was left in the wake of this wind?
What was there before it came in?
Colourful leaves and flowers galore,
Sparkling waves on ivory-white shores.

Animals bloom in flower-like states
Even the blind can smell and can taste.
All this was there, where Green Fields once lay,
All this now burned by the mind’s own clichés.

A white parchment that’s stained with blood,
gives way to chains where veins once stood.
A mind once filled with herbs and spice,
Now finds that salt alone will suffice.

She and I think the wind has taken you,
To a place that’s not worth going to.
It may seem like everything dear,
But don’t you forget that we’re still here.

 Note from the poet:

Sometimes someone comes into your life and unexpectedly sweeps you off you feet in to his world..  HIS world.  When do you realize that YOUR world is growing spider webs because you haven’t visited it in a while?


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