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Days Come, Days Go

By: Minh Tran (

Days Come, Days Go

Eyes are heavy
The falling leaves
never looked so golden
The sky never so blue

Eyes close

Images, so many images
First steps, first days, first love
Only the beginning of a lifetime

A smile crosses my lips
Sadness, yet
So many joys
What more can i ask for?

I will never forget
The future will never forget
My breathing slows
Surrender to sleep

A chain of tears
Slowly finds its way from windows
That have seen and passed
Ah, it was fun.

 Note from the poet:

Back in my junior year of high school I had this one song I loved to sing in my choir ensemble.  It was a very haunting song, filled with acceptance, sadness, nostalgia, and joy.  Even to this day when I hear this song, I feel so ancient and…all-knowing..


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