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Laughing with Mindy

By: Amy Zaiter (, Copy Editor, The Chicago Bloc[k] 

Laughing with Mindy airs on FOX

Tuesday’s on Fox got a whole lot funnier this fall, adding to some of my favorite comedies is actress, writer and comedian Mindy Kaling’s new show The Mindy Project. With just a few episodes having aired, the show does a great job of making audiences feel like they have known the characters since before and off their screen time.

The show follows Mindy, played by Mindy Kaling, through her day-to-day life as a single, in her thirties, physician looking for what we all look for, admittedly or not, love.

Instead of presenting us with a sappy story lines or dramatic, this-would-never-happen-in-real-life scenarios that actually cause you to stop and think, “I wonder who came up with that line,” The Mindy Project just plays up and pokes fun at all the things we oftentimes do not like to admit we go through.

In a recent episode titled “In The Club”, Mindy agrees to go out with her coworkers to a new, hip, VIP-only club in town. Her young and beautiful assistant, of course, gets them all on the list by calling in a favor. And just like that, before even getting to the good stuff, the unfolding plot already has me laughing hysterically, poking fun at things people so shamelessly take seriously in their every day lives, like getting onto VIP lists at clubs.

While Mindy is certainly working the “desperately alone” vibe, she is, in the kindest way possible, working it well. She is in the prime of her life, in her early thirties and a financially stable, levelheaded physician. Her character’s ability to make jabs at herself lets the audience know it is okay to be single and different despite society expectations.

Singles can relate and have a laugh about topics presented and those committed can appreciate what they have while reminiscing on the sometimes sad but mostly great times associated with being single.

In one episode Mindy blurts out the question, “why does everyone want me to die alone?” It is hilarious and relatable and kind of twisted all at the same time and honestly, is that not how living should be?


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