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Using Google Effectively

By: Dartunorro Clark (, editor-in-chief

Classes at UIC have been well underway for two weeks now. And with today being the last day to add or drop for the Spring semester, without any penalties, students’ schedules are pretty much finalized.

As college students, we now that the semester can go by quickly and before you know it, there’s midterms, research papers, presentations, and god-awful group projects. The team here at the Chicago Bloc[k] understands how hard it can be to search for information on the internet for some of these requirements for classes. You go to Google trying to find a scholarly article for your philosophy class or a gen-ed communication class–and nothing. The internet is supposed to be simple, right? Everything at your fingertips, and whatever you’re looking for should be there, no hassle.

Well, a recent study at Illinois Wesleyan University found that fewer than 25% of students could actually perform a “reasonably well-executed search,” as reported by the social media guru Mashable. Meaning, effectively, that students can’t use Google correctly. The researchers of the studies concluded that, “majority of students — of all levels — exhibited significant difficulties that ranged across nearly every aspect of the search process.”

Since researchers have found that millennials can’t use the internet to do “well-executed searches,” Josh Catone, Mashable writer, created a nicely done infograhic that is comprehensive in using Google to do a “well-executed” search.

Here it is:


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