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Message to the Future Graduating Class

Rana Khatib (, featured writer

Upon entering freshman year of college, everyone has told me to enjoy every moment in these precious four years. Little did I know that these four years would pass by in a blink of an eye. I am now graduating and I cannot help but reflect on my experiences at UIC.

The people I met and friends I made have taught me different things and introduced me to new ideas. The variety of professors that I made a close connection with were great teachers, with great insight. The classes I took helped in determining what I truly want to major in and hopefully make a career of after graduation.

Senior year of college is an exciting time, especially because I’ll be starting a new chapter in my life. However, there are a few things all students should know once the final two semesters of senior year begin. It’s crucial to make sure these characteristics of senior year are met to maintain a successful, positive year while looking forward to graduation. Some of these things include:

1. Try to knock off all or most of your core classes so as not to have a difficult, final two semesters.

2.  Make sure all of your requirements are met meaning keep checking your credits to ensure you’re not missing any classes.

3. Constantly keep in touch with your advisor; remember, you don’t receive mandatory meeting alerts anymore, so you’re on your own to schedule appointments.

4. Don’t only rely on your advisor- become familiar with DARS so that you can view all of your classes, credits, and see if anything is missing.

5.  Create bonds between your professors; you don’t need to become extra close with all of them, but it’s important to make connections in case you need letters or recommendation or further advice after graduation.

6.  Start the job search NOW! The job hunt can be hard so don’t expect to leave it until the last minute. The sooner, the better.

7.  Apply for an internship- they’re great for your resume and allow you to get a hands-on experience in your field.

8. Meet and network with people in your field- they may lead you to great opportunities.

9.Attend as many career fairs as possible.

10. DON’T procrastinate. It’s sometimes hard to keep up with everything that’s going on in school while trying to maintain a social life, but putting things off, especially studying can pile on so much work- your time is crucial so use it wisely.

Being a senior year is definitely an exhilarating feeling, especially when reminiscing about all of the hard work you’ve accomplished. It’s a bit sad thinking how the past four years have passed and it’s now time to move on, but the college experience is something that’s taught me so many things and ideas I can carry on for years to come. It’s important to take advantage of the time you have to make certain you’ve done all you’ve wanted to do during college. Take the classes you want, meet as many people as you can, join as many club and organizations as possible, learn everything you can, and most importantly, keep a positive perspective in order to uphold a positive college career.



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