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The Most Hated Person on the Internet?

By: Kelly Tansor (, Copy Editor

Currently, there is a viral video making its way around the Internet of a woman named Taylor Chapman who is now being referred to as “the most hated person on the Internet.”  The video can be found here.

Everyone’s initial reaction seems to be about how horrible the woman must be for being so angry about something so minor.  I have worked in retail, food service, and customer service.  I see customers like this every day (although none of them have pointed a camera in my face).  I have seen some rude behavior from customers; throwing things, cursing, name-calling, etc.  However, Chapman took rudeness to a whole new level, and I applaud Adar, the male employee in the video, for handling her so well.  Adar did what any employee is supposed to do in this situation – act calmly and take their order.  This, however, seems much more difficult to deal with than any customer I have had to deal with.  She constantly uses profane language, points a camera in the employees’ and customers’ faces, and at one point makes a reference to the World Trade Center (a racist remark that raised quite a few eyebrows) and even referred to an employee as “sand nigger.”  Luckily for Adar, who aspires to be a doctor, has been raising money for him and his female co-worker Nithi, who was also featured in the video, and both employees have been personally thanked by Dunkin Donuts for handling the situation so calmly and have been invited to an event out in Boca Raton, Florida.  Not to mention Adar widely being seen as the bigger man for acting so calmly in response to such a rude customer.  As for Chapman, she lost her video spokesperson job with PowerSalesTeam because of the video; the company released a statement calling her behavior, “disgusting and foul.”

Chapman has gotten loads of negative feedback from the video.  When the video first came out, everyone was quick to assume that she had mental problems.  She has been called quite a few slanderous names – many of which I cannot say here.  Is this fair, though?  Sure, Chapman was out of line for bullying the employees, but is the public out of line for bullying her in return?  Many people think she deserves to be bullied, while others do not believe in fighting fire with fire.

As for Chapman’s mental state, she recently did an interview (which you can find here) in which she claims that she has been diagnosed in the past with bipolar disorder and as a psychopath.  However, she also claims to have stripped in every gentleman’s club in Broward County, but the owners of the clubs she named have no record of her stripping there.  Chapman also claims that she is not a racist, then goes on to say she hopes to build schools in Africa, “so Africa doesn’t die of AIDS.”  Despite whether or not her claims are valid, if she truly is bipolar and a psychopath, it would provide the best explanation for her behavior; bipolar psychopaths tend to show reckless behavior and poor judgment, and act as if they have no conscience.  Knowing that Chapman may, in fact, deal with these issues, is it really fair for the public to treat her so cruelly?


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  1. We think that was an excellent article that Kelly wrote & we agree with her.
    That’s our opinion Angie & Dave

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