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The Coffee-Clutcher

By: Emiliano Vazquez-Parrales, Student Voices Section Editor (

You know those mornings when you had a little too much of the evening grog, and you need that pick-me-up to wake you up?  Well, you should check out Coffeehouse Corner, a blog that’s all about the coffee you need to start your day right.

Ashley Clovent takes her readers to coffeehouses and cafes around the Windy City for a good cup of joe, and explores how the modern coffee house has shaped life in America.

A love for coffee and self-proclaimed addiction to caffeine is what inspired Clovent to start her blog Coffeehouse Corner.   Clovent wants her readers to look beyond the brew and examine the coffeehouse as a social gathering spot where people can congregate and indulge in the comforting atmosphere she believes is central to coffeehouse culture.

“It’s an atmosphere that I think people get comfortable with really quickly because it kind of offers that homey feel.   And a lot of the times when you go to a coffeehouse you’re with people you want to be with like friends and family,” she said during our interview.

According to Clovent, Coffeehouse culture is the idea that the American culture we know and love today was founded in the 16th century coffeehouses of Europe.  At that time the Coffeehouse was a gathering spot for the educated members of society to discuss the issues and relevant topics of their time while enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee.

Clovent’s blog will focus on the small mom-and-pop coffeehouses and cafés around the city.  To her the small coffeehouses breed a sense of individuality and craft that break from the monotonous flavors offered by Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts.

Her affinity for coffee comes from her growing up in a home where the scent of coffee permeated throughout the halls and was present during those precious moments she spent with her father and grandparents.

Prior to the creation of Coffeehouse Corner Clovent did not have the time or monetary funds to go explore the coffee world.  This, however, did not stop her from maturing her coffee palate and developing a fondness for iced coffee.

In addition to explaining the atmosphere and what makes each café and coffeehouse special, Clovent also plans on discussing the types of coffee served at each location.  Even though she knows coffee comes down to a matter of preference, she still hopes to get her readers to try specialty brews that are only available from particular coffeehouses.

On each of her coffeehouse excursions, Clovent plans to take a group of friends with her in order to get the most of her experiences as well contribute to coffeehouse culture, as she wrote in her first blog entry.

Clovent hopes that one day many coffee enthusiasts and casual drinkers will frequent her blog, but for now she is content with casually writing at her own pace.  This will give her the time that she needs to drink in each coffeehouse that she visits in order to write more elaborate reviews.

“I really want people to go onto my blog be like ‘Oh man I really want to go try this coffeehouse’ and you know maybe get people to start drinking coffee who have never really thought about it.” said Clovent at the conclusion of our interview.


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