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Catching Z’s at UIC

By: Emiliano Vazquez-Parrales, Student Voices Section Editor (

Across the world, companies and organizations are taking a new approach to enhancing employee performance by offering their employees something that everybody needs: Naps.

That’s right.  Places like Google and Proctor & Gamble have added specialized nap rooms to their offices and offer employees the option of taking a short nap.  The idea behind these nap rooms is to give employees a chance to rest so that they can be not only more productive but also happier.

This idea of making nap rooms is something that I feel should be extended to universities across the country, starting with our very own University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).

As college students we all know that sacrifices have to be made at times in order to maintain grades and perform well on exams, the biggest sacrifice being sleep.  Yes, almost every student on the UIC campus has those nights where we stay up burning the midnight oil preparing for the next day’s final or that paper they waited till the last minute to do.

While everyone suffers through that, it’s part of the trial and tribulations of being in college, but it is important to remember that most college students do more than just study and do homework.  Many students have jobs and internships that they must attend to, while others use their free time by staying out late and exploring that everything a large city like Chicago has to offer.  Studies, work, and having fun all eventually adds up to many hours of sleep being lost, which can have some serious side effects on student health.

Sleep allows the mind and the body to rejuvenate, and denying the mind and body sleep can impair a student’s ability to concentrate during class or not remember what they learned the previous day.  It also can cause long-term health conditions like high blood pressure, irregular heartbeats, diabetes, and even depression.

I say that in order to prevent these side effects, the university should build these nap rooms so that students can take a break for 20 minutes during their often busy and taxing days.  This is something that is aimed more towards the students that commute to UIC everyday from different parts of the city and even the far suburbs.

There are locations around the school where I see students resting but all those areas eventually get loud as other students enter and leave class, not to mention it probably isn’t very comfortable to fall asleep sitting up.  With the installation of nap rooms, hard-working UIC students get the chance to get in a quick nap in a quiet and relaxing environment.  When they wake up, students will feel refreshed and energized enough to finish the sometimes long days they have to spend on campus before returning home or to work.


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