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Under Pressure

By: Emiliano Vazquez-Parrales, Section Editor for Student Voices,

If you are a UIC student then you are well aware that there are only three weeks left in the semester.  Cause for celebration? Sure, why not?  Let’s pop the champagne and – Wrong!  That means that you all have only three weeks left to get all your final projects, papers, and extra credit in before finals.

How should you prioritize your workload? Can you take a day off work?  Of course not!  Your boss is a jerk.  But then how will you ever get all your work done?  Looks like your going to pull all nighters these next few weeks, but who really wants to deal with that? AAAAAAAAH!

Those are probably the thoughts that are running through your head right about now, but I am here to tell you that it’s alright.  Except for all you slackers, you need to pull the all nighters.  The rest of you who have learned the material done your homework and participated in class – don’t stress about it so much.

When you really think about it in the next couple of years, how much will a grade matter?  Many of you will eventually go on to have careers in your field and get a chance to truly live life.  No more homework, no more pressure to always perform well in your academics, and no more worrying about financial aid.  You will be responsible for yourself only.  You will leave college with a piece of paper that basically says you were able to keep yourself focused and dedicated for four years.

At times it may seem like college is the be all end all of our lives, but it really isn’t.  I am not implying that anyone should slack off because they’re comfortable, but I am saying to not put so much pressure on yourself.  Pressure makes you lose focus.  You start to think about failure and your heart begins to race a million miles an hour.  All of a sudden your chest tightens and you can no longer breathe, and that’s when you just have to stop thinking.  Push it all out of your mind and just bask in everything that you have done good this semester.  It will build your confidence and hopefully give you the strength to carry yourself to the very end of the semester.

So I guess the point of this little piece is to remind us all to stay strong.  You’ve made it this far into the semester by working hard and staying focused.  Before you embark upon completing your final projects, papers, or whatever torturous activity your professors have assigned you, take a day off to reflect and relax.  You have earned it.


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