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RIP Anna: UIC Loses an Amazing Student

By Shannon Keane, Copy Editor (

Vacation is thought of to virtually every human being as a luxury. We plan for them and we count down until the fateful day arrives. And when that day does, we board the plane, eyes bright and smiling, more excited than anything to get to our destination. We get to our destination and forget reality, even if only for a few moments. And when we’re there, we inhabit beaches, warmth, sand, relaxation, and good food. We swim, we dance, we laugh and make memories. Take pictures. Meet new people. And then, after a week, a month, a year, we return home tired and cold, a little bit sad to say goodbye to the sun, but a little relieved to be back to reality.

No one ever thinks about the new reality that Anna Bachman’s family now has to face.Anna-Bachman

The 25-year-old grad student had been taking a month-long break from school, where she was pursuing a graduate degree in Urban Planning at UIC. Her sister, Gail, resided in San Diego, and so Anna was paying her a visit. While sightseeing, Anna was posing for a picture in front of the beautiful San Diego sunset and lost her footing. She fell down 40-50 feet into the cliff below and was pronounced dead at the scene.

A native to California, Anna was a young and beautiful woman to everyone who knew her. She had been living in Chicago interning at the Federal Home Loan Bank, an agency she had been planning on obtaining a full-time job from once she received her Master’s. When asked about her in an article written by Carlos Sandovi and Rosemary Regina Sobol, Anna’s father insists that she was a hardworking and amazing girl who was “getting used to the Chicago weather.” Anna had been planning to stay in Chicago after she graduated, and was excited to get working in this beautiful city.

Besides being a kind and giving individual, Anna Bachman was hardworking and smart. She received a degree from UC Berkley in 2011 and had one semester left to finish up her Master’s degree. During high school, she had been an avid volunteer for shelters and relief for hurricane Katrina and had also been involved with Habitat for Humanity.

Anna spent her spare time with her sister and family, who were all very close. Devastation like this is, of course, unimaginable, especially to Anna’s father. When asked about the tragedy, he simply speaks in shock about the feeling of the situation: surreal and sad. “You’re not supposed to bury your children,” he told the Tribune.

Though the San Diego cliff has displayed signage regarding the cliff being “unstable” and “ dangerous,” numerous tourists ignore the signs and fences in order to get that one beautiful shot of the San Diego sunset. While this is understandable and highly sentimental, tourists and citizens must keep the safety of the situation in mind. Surely one picture is not worth a priceless life, as proven through the loss of Anna Bachman. Hopefully, after this tragedy, police will take caution to erect much more secure measures.

When Anna left Chicago (late, of course – gotta love our weather) for vacation this past winter break, the last thing she thought was that she wouldn’t return to this beautiful city. Her father assumed he would see her in a month. But one fateful moment, one misstep, and her vacation, and life, was over. UIC surely has lost one of its most hardworking, wonderful, and amazing students.

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