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Ten Reasons Why America’s Not Tired of One Direction yet

By: Shannon Keane, Copy Editor (

Everyone’s heard the song “What Makes You Beautiful,” everyone knows that they have really nice hair (and accents), and everyone thinks of them when they see a commercial for the X Factor. They made the boy band cool again, topping the charts with killer pop ballads and perfectly outrageous tattoos. They’re in the midst of their third CD release, their 3-D documentary went straight to the top and they just took home two Brit Awards. And here are just ten reasons why America isn’t tired of One Direction yet.

  1. Their music. The obvious reason is that while “Story of my Life” is overplayed on the radio and “Best Song Ever” was just about everyone’s end-of-summer jam, the songs are catchy, fun, and easy to listen to. They get in your head and they don’t get out. It’s as simple as that.
  2. They’re normal. In their documentary, “This is Us,” Zayn Malik shouts before their Madison Square Garden show, “I was just a simple boy from Bradford… and now I’m smashing it!” Harry Styles rushed on stage late during the Brit awards earlier this week to accept their award because he “was taking a wee.” At one concert, Niall Horan dressed up as a security guard for the hell of it to play a joke on fans. Simple things like this show that while they’re stars, the boys are also just young men who love a joke as much as the next person.
  3. The hair. Harry Styles and his curls, Niall Horan and his blonde, Liam Payne who literally even looks good with NO HAIR, it’s just too much. For me, at least, and yes, while I am a member of their chosen demographic, you can’t deny that the hair is just unreal. I just, like, I can’t even.
  4. They started from nothing. The boys weren’t born into fame, they didn’t even see it in the cards. They just woke up one day and made their way to the X Factor stage. Thank goodness Simon Cowell found them. Thank you, Simon Cowell. Thank you.
  5.  Harry used to work in a bakery. The dubbed “front man” of One Direction literally used to work in a bakery with old ladies back home in England. He baked pastries and cookies and sold everything with a smile. I’m sorry but if that doesn’t say amazing and adorable at the same time, then I don’t know what does.
  6. They write their own music. While, yes, many are co-written with professional songwriters, One Direction’s newest hit, “Midnight Memories” was penned by two of its members, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne. Proof that not only are they good singers, but they’re renaissance musicians.
  7. No scandals – yet. America’s old favorite, Justin Bieber, has been in the news lately only for bad things. Weed, DUIs, and his brief stint in jail are definitely on the list of things to make America cringe. Thankfully, One Direction still has a squeaky clean image. With a bad side. Kind of. Well, either way, we like it.
  8. No synchronized dance moves. Let’s face it, the days of *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys are over. While we did love the dance moves in the 90s, they’re overdone now (sorry, Big Time Rush). But it’s more than that. It’s the fact that One Direction knows they’re a boy band, and they own that image. They know how to make fun of themselves, which is why at a concert you might see them jazz-squaring it up on stage, and then giggling because they know how stupid it looks. An important thing about being successful in Hollywood is knowing how to make fun of yourself and the image you maintain, and One Direction does that with style.
  9. They’re British. Every girl loves a British accent. If you’re a girl and you’re reading this, and you just thought to yourself, “I don’t like British accents,” well, then you’re lying. The same thing happened with the Beatles: we just love the accent. Combine that with their overwhelming “cute factor,” and everyone goes wild. Even moms.
  10. They love us back. The best thing a fangirl can hear is that she matters and she’s loved – especially when they mean it. One Direction is constantly attributing their success and fame to their fans, and they give love back whenever they can. Every city, every country, every continent they go to, they’re always reminding the people who go out to see their shows how lucky they are. Niall said it best: “We have the best fans in the world.”

Alright, so you’ve now heard ten reasons why America still loves One Direction. So go pick up their CD, watch their movie, or Google them. They aren’t going anywhere.


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