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Ten Reasons You NEED to go see Frozen: and not just with your younger siblings!

By: Shannon Keane, Copy Editor (

Ten Reasons You NEED to go see Frozen: and not just with your younger siblings!

  1. The music. Obviously you’ve been hearing every single kid you pass on the street humming something that sounds like “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” or “For the First Time in Forever.” If you haven’t, well, is the rock you’re living under heavy? The bottom line is, these songs are free, happy, light, and catchy. You listen to “Let It Go” once and, if you’re like my boyfriend, you can’t stop singing it or listening to it for the next month. The songs are made for anyone who’s having a bad day and just needs a pick-me-up. If you don’t believe me, go listen in the link I’ve provided below!
  2. The comedy. Relatable jokes made by Olaf (a talking snowman, because only in Disney, right?), Kristoph, and Anna were making me laugh out loud in my seat. Disney also outdid themselves, placing jokes in the script specifically meant for adults. Jokes this good haven’t been seen since Shrek.
  3. The characters. As a self-proclaimed really awkward person, I always wanted to be perfect and poised like Belle or Cinderella. Those women were flawless, beautiful, and they didn’t even know it. Even as a little girl, I’ve wanted to be a princess. But in the characters of Princesses Anna and Elsa, perfection is far from reach. Anna is awkward, quirky, and klutzy, and Elsa is a misunderstood beauty who just wants people to know she’s not as bad as her powers make her seem. For me, it was amazing to watch a movie where not only do I want to be like the characters, but I see some of them in me. This realistic dimension is something that has almost never been seen in Disney, and it’s definitely a change for the better.
  4. The “Let it Go” scene. Chills. Chills. Chills. This scene, in which Elsa finally accepts her powers and “lets go” so to speak, which results in the production of a huge ice castle up high in the mountains, is a beautiful piece of art about finding oneself, and finally accepting who you are. Watching her transformation from Queen of Arendelle to Queen of the Ice Mountain, you will have a hard time not applauding.
  5. The voices. Pairing Kristen Bell with Idina Menzel, two women both with incredible voices, was a stroke of genius that hasn’t been seen since Mandy Moore in Tangled. The women pull off an epic performance, recording with emotion and beauty that immediately shows the audience a Broadway quality.
  6. The progressive undertones. Disney got slightly political in the movie, specifically when Anna enters the Trading Post in the middle of the blizzard. The cashier points to his family, sitting in the sauna, and we see… what is that? Another man and three kids? By showing this controversial scene with a very nonchalant and natural air, Disney shows the viewers its opinion on issues today; love is love.
  7. The animation. Disney, once again, has outdone itself. Using computer animation techniques that are much more advanced than Disney has ever used before, the animators spent time in Norway and Wyoming, time spent studying snow and wind, all to ensure that their work was as accurate and effective as possible. Work like this is clearly obvious as well, when once watches the detail and beauty of the entire landscape of Arendelle.
  8. The work put in. Did you know Disney has been working on the “Snow Queen” concept since 1940? The project was scrapped originally in 2002, and then again in 2010. Only when they finally decided to make the Snow Queen not a villain did they really move forward with the idea of this plot of Frozen. Because of all of this, you have to appreciate the finished project!
  9. The insult. What’s the classic Disney movie plot? Princess meets boy, they spend one night together, fall in love, get married. While in the beginning it seems Frozen is going to take this same plot, they completely twist and change it around. I don’t want to give anything away, but let’s just say the end isn’t the “happily ever after” wedding scene we all expect.
  10.  The love. Maybe it’s because I’m a sister myself, but the love between Elsa and Anna is uplifting and inspiring. The movie teaches children and adults alike that true love comes from family and those who are always there for you. According to Frozen, if you’ve got strong people supporting you and having your back, you can’t lose.

I hope this short list gave some of you a reason to leave the comforts of your warm rooms and squished-in couches and go spend some money to see this movie. You won’t be disappointed! And if you want to sing along:

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