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Campus Organization Highlight: ECOJAM by EcoCampus!

What is Ecocampus?

EcoCampus is a student organization at UIC dedicated to “promoting sustainability and environmental justice at UIC and around Chicago” (Source: EcoCampus website). They are a student-led organization, set on affecting change at UIC with regards to our sustainability efforts.

What is ECOJAM?

ECOJAM is a yearly event put on by EcoCampus to celebrate Earth Day (April 22nd) with fun, sustainable, and free activities for UIC students! This year, activities include, but are not limited to:

  • a bungee run
  • live performances and demonstrations
  • a bike-powered blender that creates free smootheis
  • informational booths on Green Businesses and organizations in Chicago
  • t-shirts, sandwiches
  •  giveaways
  • mini-bike races
  • sustainable scavenger hunts
  • free bike safety checks and registration
  • more giveaways from other participants
The event on April 22nd will be the third ECOJAM hosted by EcoCampus and UIC! The overall purpose of ECOJAM is to get students to realize how their actions (in any possible way) can affect sustainability and our lives here on Earth.

ECOJAM will be held in the Quad on Tuesday, April 22, from 10am – 2pm – which gives you plenty of time to stop by, grab some lunch, and learn a little more about sustainability!

Current Issue: ComEd

EcoCampus is currently working on a big project for UIC’s campus – attempting to reclaim our land! ComEd owns a plot of land on UIC’s campus that has been blocked off for years due to the toxins in the soil that make it unsafe for activity. The toxins, such as PCBs, are present as a result of issues such as transformer leakage. The UIC Administration and ComEd are currently in the process of turning the land over to our campus and remediating it. However, ComEd does not believe this is a priority, which means the process has stalled.
The UIC Administration and the Chancellor openly support this cause! While support has been garnered from individual students and other student organizations on campus with positive results, more support is always helpful!
This is a very important issue for our campus for two reasons: 1) the pollution could still spread to other areas on campus over time, and 2) this space could be used to improve/build new buildings, which would only benefit students, but right now it is not being used for anything and is a wasted resource. What our campus needs now is a bigger push from the student body – the change is ready to happen, it just needs a little more encouragement!
If you are interested in showing your support (either through a student organization or individually) e-mail David Klawitter, EcoCampus President, at
Don’t forget to check out their website and Facebook page as well!

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