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50 Things You Learn in College

By: Kelly Tansor, Copy Editor (

During my four years in college – 2 in community college and 2 at UIC – I’ve learned many valuable life lessons.  These are lessons that go beyond the classroom.  My experiences outside of class have taught me more about life, love, family, and friendships than any textbook, teacher, or class discussion could have ever taught me.  Here are just a few of them.


30 Years of Puerto Rico Foods: Domingo “Junior” Claudio Keeps Family Store Alive in Humboldt Park

By: Anna Junko, Senior Editor for Literature and Art (

HUMBOLDT PARK, CHICAGO – Domingo Claudio Jr. stands behind the register at Puerto Rico Food & Liquors, ringing up a six-pack of beer and a loaf of bread for a grey-haired Puerto Rican man. Latin music blares, and Junior taps a Bomba rhythm with the tips of his fingers. The transaction, completed entirely in Spanish, is perforated by laughs and profanities.

“Ok, see you later, bro, have a good one,” says Junior, slamming the register shut and handing the man his change. He raps the counter with his fist.

“Later, Junior.” The man laughs and stuffs the bills in his pocket, jingling bells as he opens the door.

Junior’s shop is busy, as always. A steady stream of customers wanders in, buying cigarettes, liquor, milk, and eggs. Junior recognizes most of his customers, and if he doesn’t, they can’t tell the difference. He makes everyone laugh. Winning lottery tickets are plastered around the counter, annotated with Junior’s small, orderly print. It’s easy to see why his family’s store has been a neighborhood icon for over 30 years, and why it’s one of the few businesses that has successfully withstood changes in the economy and the neighborhood.


Drinking by Design

By: Emiliano Vazquez-Parrales, Section Editor for Student Voices (

With so much variety in the world of craft beers, going to the liquor store can at times be a little intimidating.  Beer is expensive and you don’t want to spend money on something you may not like, so why not try hosting a beer tasting?


More than 140 Characters

By Shannon Keane, copy editor (

“Define yourself in 140 characters,” they said.

“Tell us your favorite things,” they said.

“Post pictures of yourself, but filtered, because that looks better,” they said. (more…)

Ride for the Cure

By: Emiliano Vazquez-Parrales, Section Editor for Student Voices (

Mitch Valentini is at the end of his undergrad career and like many of us he faces the same trials and tribulations that come with graduation.  Final exams, papers, presentation, and work clog up his schedule like fat in an artery but despite that he has not stopped trying to gather donations to sponsor his bicycle team as they ride for a cure for AIDS/HIV . (more…)

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